Series 400 - Elastomeric Complete Assemblies

Series 400 - Elastomeric Complete Assemblies

Low Maintenance/Limited Use Comfort-Ease Series 400 is priced to be disposable, but can easily be used up to 30 times. It employs a replaceable cartridge design and comes pre-assembled in a convenient reusable ziplock storage bag.


Low Breathing Resistance

  • Extra large inhalation ports and unique cartridge design provide easy breathing.

Gentle No-Slip Seal

  • Textured inner surface prevents slipping while the wide inner flange forms a gentle seal that conforms to a wide range of faces.

High Compatibility

  • Cartridges can be attached in three different positions, maximizing compatibility with eye and face protection.

Enhanced Field of View

  • Sits low on the face to allow for better visibility in all directions, preventing accidents.

Easy Maintenance

  • Simple design allows for easy cleaning, while replaceable parts extend product life and maximize value.

Long Term Comfort

  • Close fitting design and exclusive corrugated exhale valve help eliminate dead air, enhancing wearer comfort.


Elastomeric Complete Assembly- DenTec- High Efficiency P100 (Please Select Size)

High Efficiency P100 complete, Elastomeric; Suitable For: Toxic dusts, mists & fumes; lead dusts & fumes; brake dusts; exotic welding; glass fibers; asbestos (Note: Specific limitations apply for asbestos removal, see OSHA 1910.1001)   ..

$23.50 Ex Tax: $23.50

Elastomeric Complete Assembly- DenTec- N95 (Please Select Size)

 N95 Complete, Elastomeric; Suitable For Welding, Dusts, Non-Oil Mists   ..

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Elastomeric Complete Assembly- DenTec- OV/N95 (Please Select Size)

OV/N95 Complete, Elastomeric; Suitable For: Lacquer & Enamel Paints, Pesticides, Welding, Dusts, Non-Oil Mists   ..

$22.00 Ex Tax: $22.00

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