Other Instruments & Accessories

Other Instruments & Accessories

3M Calibrator For Use With SD-200 Sound Detector (1 Each Per Case)

3M Calibrator For Use With SD-200 Sound Detector that generates a contact sound pressure level of 114 dB at a fixed frequency of 1000 Hz to be used for field calibration of sound level meter...

$522.24 Ex Tax: $522.24

3M NI-100 Noise Indicator

3M Noise Indicator NI-100 provides easy, durable noise level detection by alerting users to potentially dangerous noise levels and helping identify areas where hearing protection may need to be worn. Users simply clip the Noise Indicator to a shirt o..

$42.94 Ex Tax: $42.94

3M Sound Detector Kit With USB Cable And Windscreen (1 Each Per Case)

The 3M Sound Detector SD-200 is a compact, lightweight sound level meter designed for measurement of workplace noise levels. Its intuitive design makes it easy for users to measure sound levels and determine the degree of hearing protection that may ..

$356.00 Ex Tax: $356.00

3M Sound Level Meter 1/2" Microphone Adapter To QC Calibrator For Use With SD-200 Sound Detector (1 Each Per Case)

3M sound level meter 1/2" microphone adapter to QC Calibrator or use with SD-200 Sound Detector for field calibration purposes...

$40.80 Ex Tax: $40.80

3M USB Cable Accessory For Sound Detector SD-200 (1 Each Per Case)

3M Six foot USB 2.5 5-Pin Mini Cable which connects a computer to USB hub to the 3M Detection Instrument for quick and easy recharge...

$5.10 Ex Tax: $5.10

3M Windscreen For Use With SD-200 Sound Detector (1 Each Per Case)

3M Windscreen for use with SD-200 Sound Detector fits 1/2" microphone...

$7.14 Ex Tax: $7.14

Biosystems Alkaline Battery Pack For PHD6 Multi-Gas Detector

Biosystems PHD6 Multi-Gas Detector alkaline battery pack includes 3 AA batteries. This pack will recharge in less than 5 hours and can last up to 22 hours...

$50.00 Ex Tax: $50.00

Biosystems Calibration Gas Cylinder Holder For Use With ToxiLtd, MultiPro And PhD6 Gas Detectors

Calibration Gas Cylinder Holder for use with ToxiLtd, MultiPro and PhD6 gas detectors...

$75.00 Ex Tax: $75.00

Biosystems Continuous Sample Draw Pump for PhD6 Gas Detector

Biosystems continuous sample draw pump for PhD6 Gas Detector...

$295.00 Ex Tax: $295.00

Biosystemsᆴ Continuous Sample Pump For Biosystems MultiPro With 10' Sampling Tube And Sample Probe Assembly

Continuous sample pump for Biosystems MultiPro. Includes 10' of sample tubing and sample probe assembly...

$295.00 Ex Tax: $295.00

Biosystemsᆴ Ethernet Ready Stand Version IQ Express Dock With Software, Installation Disks And manuals For ToxiPro And ToxiLtd Gas Detectors

Improve your gas detection program with the IQ Express Dock for the ToxiProᆴ and ToxiLtdᆴ single-gas detectors. Managing your gas detection program has is automatic with the IQ Express Dock, helping to improve compliance and reduce labor and calibrat..

$1,795.00 Ex Tax: $1,795.00

Biosystemsᆴ IQ Express Dock Mounting Bracket For ToxiPro And ToxiLtd

Four unit mounting bracket includes tubing, magnetic hardware, USB hub..

$158.00 Ex Tax: $158.00

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