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Hazwoper 8 Hour Refresher, 24 Hour & 40 Hour Courses




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The HAZWOPER 8 Hour Annual Refresher Training meets the requirements outlined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 for 8 (eight) hours of annual refresher training for workers at hazardous waste sites. This course is designed for general site workers or emergency responders who remove hazardous waste or could be potentially exposed to hazardous substances or health hazards. If you have already completed the HAZWOPER 40 hour or 24 hour certification training you will need an 8 (eight) hour annual refresher one year from when you completed your course. 

Develop common sense, site-specific training and procedures on the management of the Hazardous Materials at your facility. Training includes response to and procedures in the proper procedures for hazardous incidents as outline in OSHA 1910.1200.

This course complies with the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120. Public safety employees, including firefighters, are required through Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Rule 311 to comply with 29 CFR 1910.120 even though Georgia is not an “OSHA state”. The course also references National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards; specifically NFPA Standard 472: Professional Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials Incidents, 2002 edition, which is required to achieve the Hazardous Materials – Awareness certification level. The learning objectives outline in the Instructor Guide and Performance Test Supplement identify the relevant NFPA objective(s) that the student must meet.





Emergency responders at the Awareness Level shall be trained to meet all competencies of NFPA 472 Chapter 2. In addition, Awareness Level responders shall receive training to meet applicable United States Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.


Deliver site-specific training and written procedures on the management of the Hazardous Materials incidents at your facility.


Annual refresher training is required for all graduates of this course in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 29 CFR 1910.120. Refresher training must be of sufficient content and duration to maintain their certification, or the graduate shall demonstrate competency in those areas at least yearly (i.e., Haz Mat exercise, multimedia training, classroom training or participating in an actual Haz Mat emergency response). This is a mandatory employer requirement to comply with the law (29CFR 1910.120 (q)(6))




Enabling Objections

IN: These are the OSHA objectives for the Awareness Level. NFPA 472 expands these 5 objectives into more specific requirements.

A. Analyze the incident to determine both the hazardous materials present and the basic response information by completing the following tasks:

1. Detect the presence of hazardous materials

2. Survey a hazardous materials incident, from a safe location, to identify the name, United Nations/North American (UN/NA) identification number or type placard applied for any hazardous materials involved.

3. Collect hazard information for the current edition of the North American Emergency Response Guidebook (NAERG).

4. Initiate protective actions consistent with the local emergency response plan, the organization’s standard operating procedures and the current edition of the NAERG.

5. Initiate the notification process.


Deliverable and Limits

Student limit 20 per class

This lesson is taught via combination of lecture, discussion, and practical evolutions. The purpose of this lesson plan is to give candidates of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department information that will serve to maintain a minimum standard

This class is best taught using the horse-shoe or theater setting. The instructor should be well versed in this material because questions may be asked about specific extrication procedures. And will have handouts for refreeze or further their Education.

During this block of instructions, a computerized slide show presentation and participant guide will be used to enhance the delivery of information. During the practical exercise, additional instructors will be utilized as safety officers


Dates: To be determined.

Students will receive 8 Hours of State Credited hours

Class time: 4 hours of classroom instruction, 1 hour of  exam, and 3 hours of practicals.


Time Session


5 Min Introductions

1 Hour DOT ERG Properties

1 Hour Locations/Containers

1 Hour Placards & Labels & Markings

1 Hour Other Information Sources

1 Hour Lunch

1 Hour Terrorism

1 Hour Initial Actions

1 Hour Protection

1 Hour Technical Assistance


Return on your Investment

OSHA Compliance (1910.1200)

Students will receive 8 Hours of State Credited hours to HAZ-MAT



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